Frequently Asked Questions

What size will I need for my horse?

Our sizes corrispond with your saddle size.

Full will fit saddles from 17" - 18"
Pony/Cob will fit saddles from 15" - 16"

If you horse fits a 16.5" saddle we recommend the Full.
We do not supply smaller pads unfortunately, however, can customise a pad of your own.

Our bands are all cut the same lengths and are easily adjusted to fit your horse.

Core Band: 145cm
Hind Band: 260cm

We recommend fitting the bands and cutting any excess.

We can supply Extra Long bands for larger horses. Please state the length you require at checkout.

Are the bands adjustable?

The bands are easily adjusted simply by sliding more or less band through the buckle.
We recommend adjusting regularly according to your horse's level of work.

How tight should I have the bands?

This depends on your horse.
We recommend playing around with different tensions until you find a balance that works for your horse. Each horse is different and prefer different tensions, some prefer the bands to be loose whereas others prefer the full support of the bands.

Will the bands help during my horse's rehab?

While the Bum Building Bands offer many benefits in building strength and muscle. We strongly recommend you speak with your Vet and Physio to advise if the system is the best option for your horse. Only they will know your horse's condition well enough to give you the best advice.