Lift the core. Engage the quarters. Build the Bum!

Bum Building Bands is a resistance band training aid and rehabilitation system developed to improve postural stability and strength by simultaneously engaging abdominal and back muscles.

With correct and regular use, along with a careful routine, the system can improve your horse's: 


  • Core strength and stability 

  • Greater straightness

  • Improved uphill balance

  • Engagement of the hindquarters


Feel the benefits from the first use. The Bum Building Bands can be used under saddle, whilst lunging, long-reining and leading. 


"Gentle, encouraging and not forceful"

By now I'm sure you've heard of resistance band training horses. The concept has been around for generations with equestrians worldwide using tail bandages tied to a roller or physiotherapists physically tying bandages around a horse's core to encourage lift.

There have been some recently published studies by the RVC highlighting the benefits of using a saddle pad band system on horses for training and rehabilitation, with detailed results of improved dynamic stability, straightness and correct engagement of the hindquarters.

What do the Bum Building Bands do?


The Bum Building Bands work on postural strength and stability by simultaneously engaging abdominal and back muscles. The bands gently encourage lift and hind engagement allowing the horse to correctly work over his back and become lighter in the hand.

The system is designed to be gentle and encouraging, not forceful.

The saddle pad system can be used under the saddle or whilst lunging. 
It is versatile and easy to use and adjust, even on some of the most sensitive horses when introduced correctly.

Bum Building Bands have been recommended by Physiotherapists and approved by vets.